Sunshine + water + speed = waterskiing

Waterskiing from beginner to professional level

11 Jun

Waterski from beginner to professional level. Foil, wakeboard, wake surf, wake skate, water donut and banana rides, SUP renting - and lots of others.

If water sports are your preferred form of recreation...

...then the Jade Beach in Dunavarsány was made for you! It’s only a 20 km drive from Budapest, so there is nothing preventing you to drop in even for just a few hours. You will find everything here that you need for a full lakeside experience.

Let’s start with the most important one, waterski! At the Waterworld Waterski Club, you will find what you are looking for whether you are practicing the sport professionally or you are only just getting familiar with it. Our certified buoy track was created to satisfy international standards and undergoes yearly evaluations. We hosted several prestigious international and domestic competitions in the past few years.

Our waterski speedboat can of course be used for other sports as well. This Malibu tx2018 boat is equipped with a wakeboard tower as well, allowing you take advantage of its speed if this water sport is your favourite.  If you would like to try out the latest international craze, foil surfing, or want to give wake surfing or wake skating a go, you should also head down to our beach.

This is not even the end of the list of options. In addition to “traditional” speedboat rides, a staple of seaside entertainment, you can hop on a water donut ride as well. This donut is a large inflatable swim ring, able to fit up to three people, pulled by a boat at various speeds, spiced up with some exciting turns. Banana rides are very similar but in this case, you are riding a banana-shaped craft instead of a ring-shaped one.

Visit us and enjoy your favourite water sports in an excellent environment and picturesque surroundings.


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Priority water sports

What does the WW Club offer?

Water sports with education (water skiing, wakeboard, wakesurf, SUP surfing, banana and donut rides, slalom course, wake skating, barefoot, kneeboard, foil), motorboat rental, beach volleyball, competitions, restaurant and accomodation...

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